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About U-Mound


U-mound is a collection of granite boulders in the city-owned open space on the east edge of Albuquerque. The climbing ranges from short, contrived, problems on painfully sharp holds to genuine classics like the Manitee Direct, Driftwood, and Wounded Knee. Overall, there are a lot of quality climbs packed into a relatively small but conveniently located crag.


The first documentation of bouldering at U-mound was provided by Andy Mayer and Bernard Moret in their Official Online Guide to U-Mound Bouldering which still resides on the UNM webserver. Additional problems have been documented on numerous websites, including and In making this guide we've tried to include all known problems with pictures, locations, and enough information to easily identify them. We do not intend to duplicate all of the fine work done by others. For more information about the history of bouldering at U-Mound, we recommend the Mayer and Moret guide mentioned above, as well as the comments posted on Mountain Project by Dave Wachter and others.

When to Climb

U-Mound is climbably from Fall to late Spring. Summer mornings are also decent, but the desert sun makes climbing here all but impossible on summer afternoons and evenings. The sharp crimps on some climbs will test your pain threshold on cold winter days (but how else will you know the hold is good?).

Getting there:

By far, the biggest attraction of U-mound is its easy access. From Interstate-40, take the Tramway exit. Head north on Traway Blvd to Copper Ave (0.8 miles from I-40). Make a right and take Copper Ave to the east until it ends. There is a small parking lot for users of the open space, but it is normally full. So join the line of cars parallel parked on Copper Ave. Don't worry, though... No matter how many cars are parked in the lot and on Copper, you won't have to fight crowds at the crag. Most of those cars are runners, mountain-bikers, and dog walkers.

From the parking lot, follow the main trail that trends north. The trails are clearly marked on the opening page of the guides map interface.

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Route Index

Brett and Jill Boulders

Fin Boulder

    • Arete Lieback (V0/1)
    • Face, Left (V1)
    • Mr. Scary (V2)
    • Mr. Scarier (V2+)
    • Face, Right (V1)
    • Traverse (V1+)

Main Boulder

    • Traverse (V2)
    • Foot Switch (V4/6)
    • Direct (V3)
    • Traverse (V4)

Lower Mound

Tennis Shoe Boulder

    • Africa (V2)
    • Unnamed (V2/5)
    • Unnamed (V2)
    • The Bulge (V3)
    • Unnamed (V7)
    • Unnamed (V9/12)
    • The Samet Problem (V8)
    • The V4 (V4)
    • Unnamed Crack (V0+)
    • Flake Traverse (V0-)

Balancing Boulder

    • Balancing Boulder Problem (V3)
    • Dead Cat (V1)
    • Egg Shell (V5)
    • Hung Like John (V8)

Hollow Roof Boulder

    • Hollow Roof Problem (V2)
    • Unnamed (V2)

Ouch Boulder

    • Unnamed (V4)
    • Unnamed (V1)

Upper Mound

Manitee Boulder

    • Manitee Trad Traverse (V0)
    • Manitee Direct (V0)
    • The Egg (V1)
    • Unnamed (V1)

Murray Boulder

    • Unnamed Q (?)
    • Murray Highball (V4)
    • Unnamed Crack (V1+)
    • Unnamed (7/8)

Jellybean Boulder

    • Jellybean Hand Traverse (V2)
    • Unnamed L (V1)

Knob Boulder

    • The Knob Problem (V3)
    • Overhanging Crack (V1/4)
    • Unnamed I (V5)
    • Highball Slab Problem (V2)

Soze Boulder

    • Unnamed O (V?)
    • Unnamed N (V2)
    • Unnamed M (V0/1)
    • Kaiser Soze (V7)

C Boulder

    • Unnamed C1 (V0)
    • Unnamed C2 (V0)
    • Unnamed C3 (V0)


    • Whale Belly (V6)
    • The OW (V4)
    • Hita (V9)
    • Hita Dyno (V9)
    • Unnamed (V3+)
    • Hito (V10)
    • The Corridor Problem (V6)
    • Unnamed Crack (V0)

Mom Likes It

    • Mom Likes It (V4)

Wounded Knee Area

Wounded Knee Boulder

    • Wounded Knee (V2+/V4)
    • Wounded Knee Arete (V3/4)
    • Unnamed Face (V4)
    • Unnamed Crack (V2)

W.K. Corridor

    • Hidden Corridor Problem (V4)
    • Petrified Wood (V4)
    • Driftwood (V6)
    • Pizza Crack (V2)

Route Title

To tweet us: @SendGIS and/or #umound

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